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The Global Rendition System


The Rendition Project has begun an ambitious initiative to 'map' the global rendition system, providing a detailed analysis of its component parts and a clearer understanding of how they fit together. The focus has been on tracking the movement of CIA flights around the world, and individual detainees as they have been transferred between secret prisons for continued detention and torture.

In these pages, users will be able to search our Rendition Flights Database, access comprehensive anlayses of the prisons and aircraft which were used by the CIA and allied security forces, and track the movements of those detainees subjected to rendition, torture and secret detention in the 'war on terror'.

This section of the website is an integrated set of web pages, linked through to an underlying repository containing hundreds of primary documents, including flight data, company invoices, court records and detainee testimony. It is designed to enable users to navigate their own way through the global rendition system, and will expand as our work continues.

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Rendition of Libyan Dissidents to Gaddafi, August 2004

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