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Nationality: Yemeni
Date of birth: unknown
Place of birth: unknown
Aliases: Amin Mohammad Abdallah al Bakri

Capture: Bangkok, 28 December 2002
SSCI prisoner number: 39

Entered CIA custody: 1 January 2003 – 8 February 2003
Period of CIA custody: 490-499 days
Left CIA custody: 5 May 2004 – 21 June 2004

Detained: Thailand, Unknown, Afghanistan

Current status: released, as of September 2014

Muhammad al-Bakri is a Yemeni national who was captured in Bangkok on 28 December 2002 as he headed to the airport to return to Yemen after a five day business trip. Analysis by The Rendition Project and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has established that he was then transferred into CIA custody at some point between 1 January 2003 and 8 February 2003. According to calculations published by the SSCI, he was held by the CIA for around 16 months (490-499 days) during 2003-2004, although his exact whereabouts are unknown. According to court papers filed on his behalf, whilst in CIA detention al-Bakri was subjected to serious abuse, resulting in injuries to his knees and back.

Al-Bakri would have been transfered out of CIA custody at some point between 5 May 2004 and 21 June 2004. It was likely at this time that he was transferred to DoD custody at Bagram Airbase, where he was held for over ten years until his release in September 2014.



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