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Nationality: Algerian
Date of birth: unknown
Place of birth: unknown
Aliases: Abu Sufiyan, Soufian Abar Huwari, Abbar Sufian al Hawary, Soufian al-Huwari

Capture: Georgia, 28 April 2002
Captured alongside: Zakariya, Jamal Boudraa
SSCI prisoner number: 4

Entered CIA custody: 30 April 2002 – 2 May 2002
Period of CIA custody: 370-379 days
Left CIA custody: 5 May 2003 – 16 May 2003

Detained: Georgia, Afghanistan, Guantánamo Bay

Current status: transferred to Algeria, 10 November 2008


Abbar al-Hawari was captured in Georgia on 28 April 2002 and sold to the CIA. He was captured alongside two other men, Jamal Boudraa and Zakariya, and all three were held by the CIA in Afghanistan. According to al-Hawari, testifying at his Combatant Status Review Tribunal  at Guantánamo Bay, “There was four of us. Myself, my friend Abdal Haq [Boudraa], a Yemeni guy name Zackria, and a Chechnya driver, who was killed... The Americans didn’t capture me. The Mafia captured me. They sold me to the Americans. When I was captured, a car came around and people inside were talking Russian and Georgian. I also heard a little Chechen. We were delivered to another group who spoke perfect Russian. They sold us to the dogs. The Americans came two days later with a briefcase full of money. they took us to a forest, then a private plane to Kabul, Afghanistan.”

On the basis of the testimony of these men, analysis by The Rendition Project and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has established that they likely entered CIA custody between 30 April 2002 and 2 May 2002. According to calculations published by the SSCI, al-Hawari was held in CIA custody for over a year (370-370 days), although nothing else is known about his fate and whereabouts during this time. He would therefore have left CIA custody at some point 5-16 May 2003. His transfer date to Guantánamo Bay is also unknown, although given that his capture and period of detention by the CIA is identical to Zakariya, it is likely that al-Hawari was also transferred to US military control at Bagram Airbase, and then transferred to Guantánamo Bay on 9 May 2003.

Al-Hawari was transferred out of Guantánamo Bay on 10 November 2008, and returned to Algeria.



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