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Nationality: Egyptian
Date of birth: unknown
Place of birth: unknown
Aliases: unknown

Capture: Quetta, Pakistan, 29 August 2004
SSCI prisoner number: 112

Entered CIA custody: 17 September 2004 – 30 September 2004
Period of CIA custody: 80-89 days
Left CIA custody: 6 December 2004 – 28 December 2004

Detained: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt

Current status: released, 2011


Sharif al-Masri is a Pakistani national who was captured by Pakistani authorities in Quetta, Pakistan, on 29 August 2004. CIA records cited by the SSCI report document that al-Masri was initially held in the custody of a foreign government, presumably Pakistan, where he claimed to have been tortured. Analysis by The Rendition Project and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has established that al-Masri was then rendered to CIA custody at some point between 17-30 September 2004, after which he “expressed his intent to cooperate with the CIA, indicating that he was frightened of interrogations because he had been tortured while being interrogated in [redacted].” Despite this, the CIA requested approval to use “enhanced interrogation techniques” on al-Masri. He was subsequently tortured for at least a week, and during which time the use of sleep deprivation “coincided with auditory hallucinations.”

After approximately three months (80-89 days) of CIA detention, at some point 6-28 December 2004, al-Masri was rendered to the custody of [redacted], despite the fact that al-Masri had provided repeated descriptions of his torture at their hands. The length of the redaction suggests that this location was Egypt, and the fact that al-Masri was Egyptian supports this inference. Once in Egypt, al-Masri says that he was interrogated for seven months in an intelligence headquarters, before being transferred to the State Security headquarters in Cairo. According to al-Masri: “I saw there kinds of torture you would never imagine and even the Americans were better.” He was finally released after the uprising in January 2011.



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