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Aircraft Profile: N63MU


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Known Rendition Circuits



Operating Companies associated with this aircraft


  • Airborne/First Flight
  • International Group


Trip Planning Companies associated with this aircraft


  • Baseops International
  • Universal Weather and Aviation




N63MU is a privately-owned Gulfstream IV executive jet, which was chartered by the CIA - through its contract with DynCorp - as part of the outsourced element of the rendition programme. The aircraft can be linked to multiple rendition circuits, including the rendition of Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri from Thailand to Poland in December 2002, and the rendition of three Libyans from Afghanistan to Libya in August 2004. It is also reported to have flown from Kabul to Lithuania in July 2005 with a detainee on board.

The aircraft is owned by the charter company International Group LLC, which is headquartered in Penn Yan, NY, but which keeps and flies its aircraft out of Elmira-Corning Regional Airport (KELM), 40 miles away in Horseheads, NY. International Group markets itself as representing ‘premier worldwide transportation serving a select list of business leaders, entertainment personalities and leaders of world affairs.’ N63MU is the company’s flagship aircraft, and is configured for 12 passengers with a ‘full service galley’ and entertainment centre. For photos of the interior of the aircraft, see here.

For at least some of the flights undertaken as part of the CIA programme, N63MU was operated by FirstFlight, a charter and trip planning company also based at Elmira-Corning. Most of the flights by N63MU originate from and return to Elmira-Corning. Flight plan information and invoices confirm that FirstFlight (which also does business as Airborne Inc.), played a key role in operating the aircraft during rendition circuits, and facilitated its movements around the world.

Trip planning services for N63MU have also been provided by Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc., including for the rendition of Abu Zubaydah and al-Nashiri in December 2002, and for the circuit which flew from Kabul to either Poland or Lithuania in July 2005.


Aircraft Information

Type of aircraft: Gulfstream IV
Construction number: 1152
Manufacture year: 1990
Engines: Rolls Royce TAY 611SER (turbo-fan)
Range: 7600km
Capacity: 12 passengers


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