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Building upon the work of a range of human rights groups, legal teams and international investigations, The Rendition Project has managed to identify more than 50 rendition circuits, which involved more than 100 separate renditions of CIA prisoners. We have achieved this by closely matching flight routes in our Flight Database with known dates when prisoners were moved between secret prisons. Corroborating evidence - such as declassified CIA records, company invoices, court documents, and detainee testimony - has been used to verify each rendition circuit listed here. For more information about how we work to identify rendition circuits from amongst the large set of flight data within the Database, read our note on methodology.

It is worth noting that more than one prisoner was often on board the same flight, whereas at other times there was more than one distinct transfer of prisoners within the same global circuit (one after the other, often with a 24 hour stopover in between for 'rest and relaxation' for the pilot and crew).

The documentary analysis for each of the rendition circuits below represents the most comprehensive and detailed public account of how CIA-linked aircraft were involved in the rendition of detainees around the world. As we continue the analysis of our flight data, we will be adding to this picture as new rendition circuits are identified.

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