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Aircraft Profile: N733MA


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Possible Rendition Circuits



Operating Companies associated with this aircraft


  • Miami Air International
  • Victory Air Transport




N733MA is a privately-owned Boeing 737-800 (B738), a large aircraft with capacity for 150-200 passengers. It was contracted by the CIA as part of its overall contract with DynCorp/CSC. The aircraft can be linked to a possible disguised detainee transfer in March 2006, whereby it met another CSC aircraft (N740EH) on the tarmac in Cairo. N733MA flew direct from Lithuania, where a secret prison was in the process of being closed down, and after 30 minutes in the same airport, N740EH took off, flying direct to Kabul, Afghanistan.

Between 2003 and 2006, N733MA was operated by Victory Air Transport, a charter company with large US military contracts for its fleet of aircraft (including a contract with the US Air Force Air Mobility Command).


Aircraft Information


Type of aircraft: Boeing 737
Serial number: 30619
Manufacture year: 2001
Engines: CFM56-7B (turbo fan)
Capacity: 149






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