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Photo published with kind permission of Darius Jezewski


Known Rendition Circuits




Owning Companies associated with this aircraft


  • Assembly Point Aviation


Operating Companies associated with this aircraft


  • Richmor Aviation


Trip Planning Companies associated with this aircraft


  • Air Routing International




N85VM is a Gulfstream IV jet that was operated by Richmor Aviation, a private charter company which was hired by broker SportsFlight Airways, on behalf of another broker, Capital Aviation. In turn, Capital Aviation was under contract with Dyncorp to provide aircraft for the CIA’s rendition programme. N85VM was used for numerous renditions.


Aircraft Information


Type of aircraft: Gulfstream IV
Serial number: 1172
Manufacture year: 1991
Engines: Rolls Royce TAY 611 SER (turbo fan)
Capacity: 22









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