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Rendition Circuit: 8-10 Ocotober 2002


Rendition of Maher Arar, US to Jordan (via Italy)


On 8 October 2002, Maher Arar was rendered from New York, where he had been held for almost two weeks by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), to Jordan, where he was taken overland to Syria and transferred into the custody of Syrian military intelligence. He was held in secret detention in Syria, and repeatedly tortured, for almost a year. Arar's rendition from the US was onboard a Gulfstream III jet with registration number N829MK, operated by Presidential Aviation.



N829MG took off from Bangor, Maine (KBGR) with Arar onboard in the early afternoon of 8 October 2002. It flew cross-Atlantic, landing in Rome (LIRA) in the evening. After 40 minutes on the ground for refuelling, the aircraft flew to Amman, Jordan (OJAM), landing just before midnight. Here, Arar was taken off the aircraft and taken onwards by road to Syria. N829MG, meanwhile, left Jordan again just over an hour later, in the early hours of 9 October, and flew to Athens (LGAV), where it stayed for the rest of the night and into the afternoon. From Athens, it returned to Washington, via a refuelling stop in the Azores (LPAZ), landing in the early morning of 10 October 2002.


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