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Most of the individuals known to have been held as part of the CIA's rendition, detention and interrogation (RDI) programme were held and tortured for at least part of their time in one or more of the CIA's own secret prisons ("black sites"), operated between 2001-2009. The US Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI) report on the CIA programme, the executive summary of which was published in redacted form in December 2014, listed 119 prisoners which it said were documented in CIA records has having been detained at one or more CIA prison. The SSCI were also clear that poor record keeping by the CIA made it impossible to know exactly how many people had been held, and that the figure of 119 was almost certainly an under-recording.

Many of these individuals had not been known before the publication of the report, and many were mentioned only as names on a list, with no other information concerning their fate and whereabouts. Notwithstanding these limitations, we have compiled the most comprehensive account to date of the fate and whereabouts of each CIA prisoner for the time they were detained and tortured. We have managed to link many prisoners to specific black sites in which they were held, as well as determined when and where they entered the RDI programme.

Use our prisoner search page to search for, and access, the profiles for each of the 119 individuals recorded as having been held in a CIA secret prison.

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