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Not all those rendered, detained and tortured by the CIA were actually held in a CIA-run prison. Some were instead rendered by the CIA to one of its counterterrorism allies for secret detention and interrogation. Others were rendered to US military detention, either at Guantánamo Bay or in Afghanistan, without passing through a formal CIA prison. In many of these cases, the CIA retained access to the prisoners once they had been transferred to the control of other forces, and participated in the subsequent interrogations.

As the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation looked only at the operation of the CIA-run detention sites, these individuals did not appear in the published report as amongst the list of CIA prisoners. There is concrete evidence of CIA involvement in the rendition, detention and/or torture of at least 12 prisoners in addtion to the 119 listed by the Senate Committee. There also exists evidence of CIA involvement in the case of further prisoners, and The Rendition Project will continue to review these cases and add profiles as our investigation develops.

Use our prisoner search page to search for, and access, the profiles for all those rendered, detained and tortured as part of the RDI programme.

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