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Nationality: Iraqi
Date of birth: unknown
Place of birth: unknown
Aliases: Nashwan Abd al-Razzaq, Abd al-Baqi, Nashwan al-Ramer Abdulrazzaq

Capture: Turkey (possibly)
SSCI prisoner number: 118

Entered CIA custody: 1 November 2006 – 9 November 2006
Period of CIA custody: 170-177 days
Left CIA custody: 20 April 2007 - 27 April 2007

Detained: Turkey, unknown, Guantánamo Bay

Current status: detained, Guantánamo Bay


Abd al-Hadi al-Iraq is one of the final prisoners acknowledged to have been held as part of the CIA’s detention programme. According to reporting by The Washington Post, he appears to have been captured in Turkey in late 2006. CIA records cited by the SSCI report show that he was rendered to CIA custody at some point between 1 November 2006 and 9 November 2006, and kept in secret detention at an unknown location for 5-6 months (170-177 days). During his period of CIA detention, al-Iraqi was consistently assessed as being cooperative. Despite this, interrogators believed he was withholding information on operational pots and the locations of high-value targets. During February 2007, CIA Headquarters discussed the possible use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” against al-Iraqi, although by the end of the month they had determined that there was “insufficient intelligence…that [al-Iraqi] possesses actionable information…to justify the use” of EITs.

According to the Department of Defense, al-Iraqi was transferred directly from CIA custody to DoD custody at Guantánamo Bay. The press release was dated 27 April 2007, although the actual transfer many have taken place at any point 20-27 April 2007. Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi remains in Guantánamo Bay.



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