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Nationality: unknown
Date of birth: unknown
Place of birth: unknown

Capture: unknown

SSCI prisoner number: 109

Entered CIA custody: 16 June 2004
Period of CIA custody: 800-809 days
Left CIA custody: 25 August 2006 – 3 September 2006

Detained: unknown location(s)

Current status: unknown


Very little is known about Qattal al-Uzbeki. Given his proximity to Marwan Jabour on the SSCI list of prisoners, he is likely to have been the “Afghan” transferred from Pakistani detention to a CIA-run site in Afghanistan on 16 June 2004. According to Jabour, he was transferred alongside a Palestinian, a Libyan and an Afghan, all of whom were then held with him at where we now know was DETENTION SITE ORANGE. According to calculations published by the SSCI, he was held by the CIA for over 26 months (800-809 days). The main body of the SSCI report provides no details about his detention or treatment although, prior to its investigation, the Senate Committee had been notified by the CIA that it had held al-Uzbeki. No other information about his detention currently exists in the public domain.

Al-Uzbeki would have been transferred out of CIA custody at some point between 25 August 2006 and 3 September 2006. His fate and whereabouts after this point are unknown.



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