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CIA Torture Unredacted does not just provide the most detailed public account to date of the CIA torture programme. It also provides comprehensive open access to our underlying data, including our unique datasets and the hundreds of primary documents with which we have worked. Where individual documents are referenced in the text of the report, access is provided through the hyperlinked endnotes in each chapter and appendix. In addition, here we provide access to the following:

  • an online, fully-indexed document archive, where users can search and browse hundreds of CIA and other documents;
  • a prisoner search page, where users can search for and filter prisoners by name, capture location, detention locations, and other indicators;
  • a rendition circuit search page, where users can search for rendition operations by country involved, aircraft and prisoner;
  • a version of our Prisoner Database, allowing users to filter and search to conduct independent data analysis;
  • a version of our Cable Database, allowing users to identify the location from which individual cables were sent and their dates;
  • a version of our Flights Database, with visualisations and data filter functions.


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