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Aircraft Profile: N248AB


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Possible Rendition Circuits



Other Suspicious Circuits


  • August 2003: flight to Iraq
  • October 2003: flight to Iraq
  • September 2005: flight between Afghanistan and Guant�namo Bay
  • September 2005: flight between Guant�namo Bay and Afghanistan
  • June 2006: flight to Morocco
  • October 2006: flight between Afghanistan and Jordan
  • November 2006: flight to Pakistan


Operating Companies associated with this aircraft


  • Gulfstream Acquisitions
  • Prime Jet




N248AB is a privately-owned Gulfstream IV executive jet, which was chartered by the CIA through the DynCorp/CSC contract. The aircraft travelled to numerous suspicious destinations between 2003 and 2006, including flights into post-invasion Baghdad in 2003, flights into other prison destinations (such as Morocco and Pakistan), and trips between Guant�namo Bay and Afghanistan.

In November 2005, the aircraft was involved in the probable rendition of detainees from secret detention in Romania to continued detention in Afghanistan. N248AB did not make the full trip between these two destinations. Instead, to disguise the full route, another aircraft N1HC flew from Romania to Jordan, probably with detainees on board, landing just after midnight. N248AB had landed 30 minutes earlier, and the two aircraft were on the tarmac together for a further 30 minutes. Transfer complete, N248AB then took off, heading for Afghanistan.

The aircraft has been operated by Prime Jet (from 3 June 2003 - 23 Dec 2006), a charter company established in 2003 and based in Englewood, Colorado (close to a set of Jeppesen offices) and Scottsdale, Arizona. It has also been operated by Gulfstream Acquisitions. This company also operated two further Gulfstream IV jets linked to the programme: known renditions aircraft N308AB, as well as N614RD, which flew into Kabul in June 2003 in a circuit planned by Universal Weather and Aviation. N248AB has also had trips planned by Base Operations, a trip planning company for the US military.


Aircraft Information


Type of aircraft: Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV-SP
Serial number: 1474
Manufacture year: 2002
Engines: Rolls-Royce Turbofan
Capacity: 13 passengers


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