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Rendition Circuit: 6-13 March 2004


Possible rendition of Gouled Hassan Dourad, Djibouti to Afghanistan, Morocco or Guantánamo Bay


On 8 March 2004, Gouled Hassan Dourad was rendered from Djibouti, where he had been captured four days earlier, on the CIA-owned Gulfstream V jet with registration number N8068V (which had previously been registered as N379P). His destination remains unclear, given that the aircraft flew to Afghanistan, Morocco and Guantanamo Bay after taking off from Djibouti. According to Adam Goldman’s key analysis, Dourad was in secret CIA detention in Guantanamo Bay during March 2004, before being moved to Morocco with other high-value detainees. It may therefore be that the detainee was kept on the aircraft during its flight to Afghanistan and Morocco, where it may have picked up and/or dropped off further detainees.





N379P left its home base of Johnston County Airport (KJNX) in the afternoon of 6 March 2004, flying to Washington Dulles International Airport (KIAD). It stopped at Washington for around three hours, then flew cross-Atlantic to Shannon, Ireland (EINN), landing just after midnight on 7 March. An hour later, it had left Shannon, flying direct to Djibouti, landing in Ambouli International Airport (HDAM) mid-morning. The aircraft stayed on the ground in Djibouti for over 24 hours, during which time Dourad would have been loaded on board. It then left Djibouti in the evening of 8 March and flew direct to Kabul, Afghanistan (OAKB), landing in the early hours of 9 March. There the aircraft disappears from records. However, 48 hours later it is in Morocco, leaving Rabat (GMME) and flying to Guantanamo Bay (MUGM), landing in the morning of 11 March. If Dourad was picked up in Djibouti - a likley prospect given the dates - he may have been transferred to Afghanistan or Morocco, or kept onboard all the way to Guantánamo. After a stopover for just under two hours at Guantánamo, the aircraft flew to Providenciales, in the Turks and Caicos (MBPV). Here it stopped for over 24 hours, presumably for some 'rest and relaxation' for the renditions crew, before flying to Washington and then back to Johnston County, landing in the evening of 13 March 2004.


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