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Rendition Circuit: 14-21 June 2003


Rendition of Zubair, Thailand to Afghanistan (via Sri Lanka)


On 19 June 2003, a Gulfstream IV jet with registration number N614RD - part of the fleet of aircraft hired by the CIA for renditions - flew between Thailand and Afghanistan. Given that Zubair had been captured in Thailand several days beforehand, on 8 June, and that this is the only flight in the region at that time by a renditions-linked aircraft, it is likely that the detainee was transferred on this circuit to a secret detention facility in Afghanistan.





N614RD left Elmira-Corning Regional General Airport (KELM) - home airport for the International Group LLC, the charter company that also operates renditions aircraft N63MU - on 14 June 2003, and flew to Washington Dulles International Airport (KIAD). From there it flew north and west, heading for Cold Bay Airport in Alaska (PACD) and then cross-Pacific to Kansai International Airport in Japan (RJBB). After Japan the aircraft flew to Thailand, landing at Don Mueang International Airport (VTBD), just outside Bangkok. This is where Zubair is likely to have been loaded onto the aircraft, before it took off again, flying first to Bandaranaike International Airport, Sri Lanka (VCBI) for refuelling and then Kabul (OAKB) and Bagram Airbase (OAIX) in Afghanistan. Zubair would have been offloaded at one or other of these Afghan airports.

After Afghanistan, N614RD flew to Europe, landing at London Luton Airport (EGGW) before heading back to Washington and then Elmira, landing on 21 June 2003, one week after its initial departure.


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