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In collaboration with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, we have published two databases to aid in the analysis of the RDI programme.

The CIA Prisoner Database provides a summary of our analysis of the 119 CIA prisoners mentioned in the SSCI report, and sets out what is currently known about:

  • prisoner nationalities
  • where and when each prisoner was captured
  • the duration of pre-CIA custody, before they were transferred to the CIA's secret prison network
  • the range of dates within which we know each prisoner was transferred to CIA custody
  • the duration of CIA detention
  • the range of dates within which we know that each prisoner was transferred out of CIA custody
  • what happened to each prisoner after their time in CIA detention

The CIA Black Site Database provides a summary of our analysis of which prisoners were held in each of the black sites during the programme. Matches between prisoners and black sites are categorised as 'definite fixes', 'strong fixes' or 'weak fixes', depending on our judgement of the strength of the evidence in each case.

These datasets are designed for those wishing to conduct their own detailed analysis. For an interactive tool which allows users to easily search our data, and provides links to our full analysis, use our prisoner search page.


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